Welcome to Delta-Enigma!

Δ-ENIGMA is a Large Scientific Research Infrastructure that will be set up for the coming 10 years in the Dutch delta by the DANUBIUS-NL consortium. Δ-ENIGMA aims at bringing biogeomorphology research in the Netherlands to the next level, by providing a unique research infrastructure to understand how organisms, currents, waves, wind and sediment load together shape the delta landscape, including during extreme events.

The infrastructure will support the interdisciplinary character of the research field at the interface of geomorphology, hydraulics, ecology and engineering. Δ-ENIGMA will also sustain and strengthen the prominent Dutch modelling tradition, by providing ‘big data’ to improve existing model approaches, but also push the current physics-based deterministic modelling to a new generation of data-driven approaches.

To intensify international cooperation, Δ-ENIGMA will be integrated into DANUBIUS-RI, the pan-European research infrastructure for advanced studies on river-sea systems.

You find more info on Δ-ENIGMA under scientific scope and project structure.

Δ-ENIGMA is (partly) financed by the Dutch Research Council (NWO) from the ‘NWO-LSRI’ Roadmap grant scheme.