Project structure

The Delta ENIGMA infrastructure comprises a coherent program of:

  1. A backbone observation network in a long-term (10-year) deployment at key locations across rivers, estuaries and beach-dune systems. The instruments will measure the slow but cumulative processes during normal and extreme conditions.
  2. A rapidly deployable set of specialized instruments, to cover floods, droughts and storms.
  3. Advanced laboratory facilities for experimental biomorphological process studies, to study events and conditions that are presently unobservable in the field.
  4. A coherent open database of the measurement results, accumulating over the 10-year period, that will support modelling studies and experimental approaches.
  5. A Productive Knowledge Interaction Facility to boost interactions between biogeomorphology experts, policymakers and delta managers, to quickly bring our new insights to the world.

Delta ENIGMA consists of five work packages (WPs) with observational/experimental components, and three supporting work packages for data handling, enhancing interactive knowledge production and coordination.

Work Package 1 "Data" Project 1.1 Project 1.2 Project 1.3 Project 1.4 Project 1.5 Work Package 2 "Model Project 2.1 Project 2.2 Project 2.3 Work Package 3 "Impact" Project 3.1 Project 3.2 Project 2.4 Project 3.3 Work Package 4 "Programme Management"